The Chairman

The Chairman

For more than thirty years, Al-Riyadh Investment Companies Group has prospered
because of a number of important and common factors: our customers, our
employees, our manufacturing expertise and the international companies we
represent. The ability to balance all these elements with dedication to quality
is the evidence of the growth and innovation of any company. A commitment to
quality; dynamic growth and innovation can only be achieved with a clear vision
of where the company is going. Al-Riyadh Investment Companies Group had such a
vision. At the heart of the vision are our customers, our employees, our
manufacturing factories and facilities together with the represented Companies.
We cannot afford to be complacent about the standards we strive to accomplish.
By listening to our clients and proving our abilities day after day; we have
maintained and grown our customer base with high levels of satisfaction. It is
by never accepting anything but the highest standards that Al-Riyadh Investment
Companies Group has retained its role as one of the most dynamic companies in
the region. I am proud of the progress we have made and proud of the employees
and business relationships that have made it possible, but there is always more
we can do. We will continue to build upon the work outlined in this corporate
profile, as we pursue our goal of bringing the ' best of the best ' in terms of
production and services to our many and valued customers and clients around the

The nucleus of Al-Riyadh (Chairman)

 The nucleus of Al-Riyadh Investment Companies Group was established in Iraq in 1982. It continued to grow, expand and prosper in Iraq, Jordan, over the last decades, thus becoming one of the largest Groups in the Arabian regions.

The Group

through its Offices and Branches located in Jordan and Iraq, engaging a large number of personnel specialized in different fields, and with its factories and industrial facilities, maintains close business links and relations with the international markets in various economic sectors. Al –Riyadh Group plays substantial role in Iraq and other countries in the region in the scope of industry, trade.

Group comprises (Chairman)

The Group comprises many Companies and Establishments specialized in various economic sectors concerned with industry, international trade and general contracting in various fields related to industry petroleum, minerals, energy, electricity, water systems, sewage systems, tele-communications, public health and relevant complements, as well as transport, communications and logistics involving land, sea and air transportation networks, which is the fruit of vast accumulated experience