Al-Methalia Company

The company is keen to keep up with the development by using the best machines with high technological specifications in order to support its production lines to meets the increasing demands of clients in Jordan and the region as well.


The company obtained the ISO certificate No. ISO 9001. And ISO 22000:2005

Quality control

The firm has specialized section to follow up product`s quality and its specification.

Customer satisfaction

We always look after the consumer satisfaction.

Factory system

The factory applies the most advanced heat treatment system in the world that called (UHT) system. This system facilitate to have hygienic product, high quality result and safety in regard with bacteriological factor. The production process is fully controlled & supervised by means of the automation system without touching of human being hands.

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Company Message

The company is always looking for consumer satisfaction through:

  • Our products are free from any preservative.
  • Our products are rich with calcium and vitamins that are beneficial for the human body.
  • Our products are considered free from genetically modified ingredients and preservatives.
  • Our company has laboratories equipped with highest standard level.
  • Our company concerns with environmental Protection by Applying the latest technologies to protect the environment
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